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Our head coach and founder Thomas J Fowler brings you Mind Your Fitness

" What started out an evening 'side hustle' has become part and parcel of my day to day life!

Let me take you back to 73 before I ever had a multi platinum selling CD..... YEP! Its going to be that kind of 'about us'.

I take everything in life with a pinch of salt and use humour as a great tool to settle nerves, not only for others but for myself too. So if I ramble, stick with it because youll learn  a bit more about me and the journey of Mind Your Fitness.

So, it started out as a group bootcamp in the local park and my back garden for my wife and her friends.. that was the start of Tom Fowler Fitness... inspiring I know. As my confidence grew, I decided to offer 1-1 personal training as a mobile PT because I didn't want the overheads of a gym, because at that time it was just evening work that I loved doing on the side.

I did this for around 18 months, my waiting list for 1-1 personal training had grew and so mid COVID pandemic I took a gamble and quit my 9-5 to pursue my dream career as a full time personal trainer..... whilst all this was happening I was also furthering my education in the field of mental health and mindset coaching.

As someone who suffers with Complex PTSD, anxiety and waves of depression, I was sick of being on a NHS waiting list so I took matters in my own hands and became certified as:

Level 2 & Level 3 in understanding mental health
Level 2 & Level 3 life coaching diploma
Level 3 CBT coaching diploma

I had the life experiences and now the qualifications to back up what I wanted to do.

As someone who suffers with their mental health and now my physical health (primary sclerosing cholangitis) I wanted to do much more then only offering workouts and meal plans, that's when Mind Your Fitness was born in 2020.

I took everything I knew, everything I didn't know and threw it all together to become a recognised business who helps people not only with their physical but mental health too.

I have become the coach I needed 15-20 years ago!

I did a great podcast with Matt at 'make time to talk Podcast' where I go into a little more  detail. (FOLLOW THIS LINK)

That's a little bit about me and 'us' as a business.. One last thing, if you are ever doubting yourself, feeling like you arent enough. Or you cant do something.. Take this real simple tool away 

Take a moment

Hope you have a better idea of the person I am and the business, if you have any questions please get in touch using any of the options below."

Thomas J Fowler
Owner & Founder of Mind Your Fitness.

Our suggested charities for FREE support.

Mind - https://www.mind.org.uk/

Samaritans - https://www.samaritans.org/

CALM - https://www.thecalmzone.net/

SHOUT - https://giveusashout.org/




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